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  • Effective Contract Management

    It's hard to imagine doing business without agreements, contracts and other documents that govern the rules under which we provide our services. Form of doing business and its scale very often forces us to manage more and larger archives of documents, that you take care and keep it throughout the (...)
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  • Project management in Baseline™

    We want to address this blog to the issue of budgeting expenditures on projects which, in the opinion of many, is an important element of efficient control and management in the branches of design, construction and not only. In practice, we can distinguish at least two types of expenditure (...)
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  • Solution for settling Business trips

    In every company during development comes a moment when employees' business trips are becoming an everyday reality. This results in the increase of documents necessary for processing, the need to control the payment and settlement of advances, as well as the problem of maintaining the correct path (...)
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  • Inner orders as a tool for cost control in the company

    The main goal of any enterprise operating on the free market is to achieve the highest possible profit. On the one hand, companies strive to increase sales, but on the other hand, more sales will not pay anything if the costs in the company get out of control. Therefore, controlling expenses and (...)
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  • Korzyści z wdrożenia Baseline™

    Czytając dzisiejsze artykuły i opracowania internetowe dotyczące zalet jakie daje wdrożenie nowoczesnych programów do przedsiębiorstwa, odnosimy wrażenie, że często są to puste hasła i mało rozumiane zwroty w stylu „optymalizacja kosztów” lub „integracja procesów”. Na domiar (...)
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  • Modern workflow system in the company

    Baseline, together with its technological partner Brother Polska, have created a comprehensive solution for electronic document flow dedicated to clients from various industries.
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