We have released Extranet


In the interests of the highest level of service provision, we have provided our proprietary external website Extranet Baseline™ for two-way communication with our clients and partners. We have made sure that the use of the portal is intuitive and convenient for end users. We hope that this tool will improve many daily activities related to the operation of our products and increase the level of security in the transmission of confidential information and files.

Portal is available both from a web browser and mobile devices. Access to the portal is secured by a certificate issued by Baseline.

What does Extranet contain?

  • Projects – access to the list of currently implemented projects. Possibility of creating new tickets (tickets), tracking their statuses and sending attachments related to a given project.
  • Support – registration of support tickets with the possibility of verification of the used support time. Tracking the status and progress of work on commissioned tickets (tickets).
  • Invoices – list of invoices issued and current billing status. Preview and download invoice image.
  • Messages – messages from Baseline about scheduled breaks, updates and other important information from the point of view of system maintenance and development.
  • Knowledge Base – a place where you can download necessary files, instructions and templates for data import.
  • Deale – a module for Baseline Partners that allows booking projects to acquire potential customers interested in purchasing the Baseline ™ system.
  • Settings – a place where each user can manage their notification channels (e-mail, pop-up) and contact details of the company they represent.