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Imagine a software perfectly designed to control the sales processes within your organisation.

Why choose our CRM?

We implement Baseline™ where others are not capable to. We design sales processes in collaborations with our clients. We believe that implementation of CRM is only a beginning of our cooperation.

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Case studies

We have increased the efficiency of the sales team and improved the results forecasting system
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The implementation of electronic document flow allowed to increase control over the circulation (...)
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We have improved the flow of information in the sales department by increasing the efficiency (...)
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  • import leads from .csv format
  • integration with www contact form
  • integration with GUS database
  • customized categories and tags
  • robust permission management

  • graphic presentation of the process
  • place to add comments, events, timesheets or files
  • built-in support for phone calls
  • target and bonus management
  • follow-up reminders

  • dynamic sales funnel
  • target predictions
  • activity reminders
  • sales team activity monitor

  • built-in offer/order creator
  • offer/order workflow support
  • own print templates
  • built-in document versioning
  • electronic contracts registry
  • send offers via e-mail

  • built-in calendar (day/week/month/list)
  • built-in mailbox (in/out)
  • integration with MS Exchange, MS Outlook, Gmail
  • personalized e-mail signatures
  • customized e-mail templates
  • newsletter support

  • dialing and receiving phone calls
  • immediate display of contact history
  • add comments and follow-ups upon call
  • listen to the recorded calls
  • integration with many voip suppliers
  • call records statistics & charts

  • track user's route on the map
  • search contacts on the map
  • optimized trace routes support
  • integration with Google Navigation
  • mobile surveys with geocoding
  • library of built-in reports
  • built-in report and chart creator
  • follow-up reminders
  • task tracking calendar
  • customizable dashboards
  • export to Excel support

Mobile apps

Manage Leads, Contacts and Appointments right from your Android or iOS device. Check this out and take action from anywhere.

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Data security

Security is one of our key driving principles thus Baseline solutions meet rigorous data security standards. We are the first company that earned “Data Protected” certificate.

CRM system – key product factors

1. Baseline ™ is a sales support system built on the basis of lightweight web technology and the best UX practices. It is as transparent and intuitive as possible. For its proper functioning, only a server with a Windows operating system is required – no additional installed components and licenses.
2. It is an integrated CRM software tailored to the individual needs of your business. We offer our CRM both in the cloud and in the on-premise model.
3. We model sales processes together with our clients. We create generators of offers and sales contracts. We automate all possible areas of the sales department.
4. We implement sales process control tools for the managerial staff. Reports that have been submitted manually so far are generated automatically and sent to e-mail.
5. We handle processes for many companies in one system. We process complicated authorization matrices and support multilingualism.
6. Baseline™ automates daily activities: retrieves contractor data from the Central Statistical Office and VIES database, retrieves company data from KRS online, controls task deadlines and sends notifications to system users.
7. The CRM system automates the process of settling the sales targets of the sales team. Viewing the achievement of goals in real mode mobilizes and encourages salespeople to increase sales.
8. Each Deal has a clear, graphic form of the process. Thanks to this, the user is immediately aware of what stage of sales a potential customer is and who is looking after him.
9. CRM Baseline™ has a module for issuing sales invoices. Optionally, it can also download invoices from an external system and generate commercial statistics.
10. A dynamic sales funnel (pipeline) and a library of ready-made statements and reports are basically the essence of the CRM system. It greatly helps to forecast sales and measure the effectiveness of the team.
11. The built-in e-mail client allows you to manage sales correspondence from one place. E-mail messages are automatically linked with the sales contact in CRM, which organizes and segregates the discussion with customers.
12. Integration with geolocation services allows you to search for customers within a given radius. It is thanks to such functions that CRM becomes a tool that automates everyday activities and increases sales opportunities.

Customer Support

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