registry of contracts

Global register of contract grouped by clients, partners, suppliers, and civil-law. Each contract is digitized and described by means of a list of attributes, which can be used for searching purposes. Each contract has its owner – a person or department assigned to each contract and responsible for any matters related.

OCR processing of scanned contracts enables the subsequent searching registry using key-words.


of expiring contracts

Baseline™ has in-built mechanism notifying about contract expiration dates and related deadlines. This is also the case with warranty expiration dates or overhaul/service dates.

Each contract reminder can be set individually in advance.


Contract generator
based on templates

There’s a possibility to set up an electronic form and printout template which will be engaged to generate contract files. Generator is most useful in the case of employment contracts, commissions contracts or collaboration agreements. Contracts are generated usually as .pdf files with optional signatures.

It is also possible to generate contracts in editable .docx format.


Contract approval

Baseline™ enables a dedicated workflow for drawing up contracts and approving their wording. We offer a library of workflow templates that can be deployed in various business areas.

Workflow module is required for a contract circulation process.


Signing contracts online with Autenti

The Autenti platform offers solutions that enable the signing of contracts online, on any device with Internet access. The add-on enables full integration of the Baseline™ system with without the need to download documents and send them via e-mail. The user selects a contract files in Word or pdf version and types the approvers. On this basis, Baseline™ sends the documents to Autenti using the native API, and after signing them, it automatically downloads the approved pdf file and stores it in the Agreements repository.

More info about Autenti you will find here.


Contract versioning
via MS Office plugin

A contract document can be blocked in Baseline™ and opened in MS Office application. When editing is finished, the new document version is sent directly to Baseline™ and unlocked for editing. Old versions of contract are still accessible for users just for legacy purpose.

Our plug-in is compatible with MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint applications.

Other modules