Manage your budget
without an Excel

Baseline™ enables easy budget planning, broken down both by costs and revenues. Budgetting is performed in three dimensions: by departments, by types of costs/revenues and months. The final budget is made up of budgets of individual departments.

There is a simple way to check how the budget assumptions evolved over the calendar year.


Budget under
approval process

A budget is prepared by department heads who, upon final modifications, send it for approval. Approval is granted in compliance with the hierarchy of the company’s organisational units.

This means that acceptance is required by all superiors of the person who prepares the budget.


Update budgets via
revision mechanism

Annual plan can be easily modified by revising the existing budget. Every revised version is subject to a separate approval circulation. Upon approval of the revised version, the preceding versions are archived.

All you need to prepare a budget in subsequent years is to copy and adapt the previous year’s budget.


Track your budget
in real-time

The budget is fully integrated with invoice circulation and the hierarchy of accounts stored in Baseline™. This means that a budget execution report is available on the spot, accounting for all booked costs/revenues.

With Baseline™ you can keep an eye on financial analyses even on an invoice by invoice basis.


Internal orders approvement

Baseline™ monitors the value of orders placed against the current company’s budget. When the budget is exceeded, additional approval by CFO or a person authorised by the CFO is required.

You can match Internal oders with invoices at any stage of the invoice flow.


Forecast project
costs and revenues

Budgeting for projects is planning revenue from the sale of products and services in a design approach, in which each project has its own budget. The Project Manager creates a work schedule divided into stages, and then budget costs and revenues for each stage separately.

Optionally, the project budget can be exported to Excel, and then imported after more complex calculations.

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