cost invoices

Registry of cost invoices is a part of Electronic Document Circulation (Workflow) in the company. The registry includes both hard copy invoices and e-invoices received directly from the mailbox. The invoice registration process deploys OCR technology to auto-extract the financial data from image.

There’s no need to learn OCR how to extract data from particular invoices. No data is being sent outside of Baseline™ environment.


Bank orders

On a day-to-day basis, Baseline™ monitors a due day of each invoice and prepares bank transfer packages. User authorises each package in the bank system without the need to enter every transfer manually.

Prior to this, Baseline™ sends an e-mail message containing detailed info about the invoices falling due.


sales invoices

Issuing invoices in the Baseline™ is fast and simple and does not require any financial knowledge. Invoices are issued manually or via auto-invoicing mechanism based on templates. Issued invoices are subject to additional financial approval and can be sent directly from Baseline™ via dedicated mailbox.

Optionally, Baseline™ signs invoice files using a security certificate.


Automation of
debt collection process

Baseline™ automatically monitors the payment status of each issued invoice. Baseline™ automatically generates e-mail reminders for overdued clients and monitors every stage of the process.

It is also possible to manually add comment or notice to the process, e.g. after making a phone call reminder.


financial analyses

Baseline™ offers a huge library of built-in reports and financial analyses on a daily, monthly or annual basis. Financial data from Baseline™ is frequently taken into account for the purpose of budget analysis.

Baseline™ can display reports based on its own records or data being fetched from external accounting systems.

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