Share projects and

With Baseline™, you can do it very fast. Every Project is made up of stages hierarchy assigned to specific users and performed within a specific time limit. Working on a project you can choose a number of activities, e.g. add a comment, schedule a meeting, send an e-mail or upload project documentation. Plan your time, record the real needed time and compare them together.

What is done and what is still to do? With Baseline™ you always have the perfect overview.


Track project progress
on calendar

Built-in calendar is where you start your every day at work. You will forget no more to complete a task or project as you can always switch between many different timeviews like: day, week, month or simple list.

Keep people busy, know when someone is over or underwhelmed and react fast to your team’s needs.


Control your project load
using a Gantt chart

Baseline™ gives you all that is needed to effectively control and analyse the work on a project. Gantt chart enables fast schedule management of all company projects. Task statistics help you to visualise the workload of individuals in the company.

In order to better manage your project deadlines that are integrated with the built-in calendar.


Control project budget
with Baseline™

Projects are closely integrated with the Budget area. As part of the workflow process you can easily account invoices to relevant projects or issue sales documents.

Overall Baseline™ helps you to keep the budget of your project!

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