A library of
bulit-in reports

Baseline™ offers a large number of bulit-in reports, charts and other statistics. The structure of the library resembles a catalogue tree, which facilitates categorisation and searching. Every report can be made available on a dashboard, or element details, or module side panel.

Baseline™ can display reports based on the internal data or data fetched from external systems.


report editor

Reports are based on SQL queries and stored procedures. Administrators can easily create their own data presentations and reports using in-built editor and categories e.g. tables, diagrams/charts, html reports.

Baseline™ can generate and send periodical reports to a selected group of users via e-mail channel.


Support for
many kinds of devices

Reports can be displayed on a notebook, tablet or smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Mobile access is additionally protected by a security certificate installed on a device.

All displayed diagrams/charts are interactive i.e. they allow for manual data zooming and filtering.


Real-time metrics
on wallboards

Baseline™ allows displaying statistics on large TV screens (wallboards). A visual wallboard for a real time view of various metrics delivers a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in your company.

This solution is often useful for Call Centres, Sales, or IT departments.

Other modules