Central e-Archive
of personal data

E-file concept has originated from the need to have fast access to employees’ files. Ordering of personal files divided into Sections A, B, and C allows for direct access to images of contracts, personal data and other documents. Employee files are also available in the organisational structure tree arrangement.

The archive can contain not only documents, but also personal applications, medical certificates concerning absences (L4), history of employment – all kept in one place.


absence planners

Holiday planning encompasses the whole company and can be done electronically. Every employee prepares a proposal of their own holiday plan and then fills in electronic holiday applications. Subsequently, applications are subject to approval by a superior, and ultimately sent to the HR department. This is the basis for Baseline™ generating absence reports for the whole department or company.

Every employee can check their unused holiday limits directly in Baseline™.


Handling the process of
business trips

Baseline™ handles the whole business trip process reconciliation, starting from ordering an employee to go on a business trip, through cost approval, to final settlement. A complicated algorithm converts mileage reports, calculates domestic and foreign per diems, and generates aggregate statements. Business trips are fully integrated with electronic circulation of documents concerning cost recording.

Baseline™ supports both domestic and foreign business trips.


Automatic reminders
and notifications

No more missed periodical medical check-up or OHS training. Baseline™ makes sure no important deadlines are missed by HR department. Reminder notifications are sent on daily basis to the relevant HR employee.

Baseline™ monitors expiration dates of civil-law contracts executed with employees.


Support for
recruitment projects

HR module enables management of electronic candidate base, CVs, and recruitment projects. Recruitment projects facilitate gathering of information on candidates during and after the recruitment process. Elaborate search engine enables selection of candidates, based on numerous search criteria.

Baseline™ supports data import directly from recruitment mailboxes.


Bank transfers

Baseline™ is not a payroll system, but it enables import of payrolls from external systems and preparation of transfer packages sent to the bank in respect of individual salary components.

Payrolls are also used in Baseline™ to budget costs and perform financial analysis.


employee evaluation system

We have equipped Baseline™ with a periodical employee assessment facility. Every employee is assessed against pre-defined criteria and then receives an evaluation report as well as guidelines and improvement objectives in the form of tasks to be done. Baseline™ manages the implementation of periodical actions, gathers documents and enables recording of events. Finally, it generates reports summarising the achieved results.

Employee evaluation functionality is a component of skills and competences with the management system in a company.

Other modules