Lightweight boards
for real-time collaboration

Boards are safe and real-time information exchange channel within your company. They can be used for the purpose of internal discussions, recruitment, announcements, or events. Like internet discussion groups or a forum, users may create discussion threads, invite guests as well as publish posts and comments.

Boards are a successful substitute for e-mail communication inside the company.


Knowledge Base
as a repository of company files

So, no more files kept in network folders, on private computers, or as e-mail attachments. Knowledge Base is a single centre for storage of internal files (procedures, instructions, templates and documents) as well as other information (such as FAQ or notes). The structure of folders with the option of granting access rights fully replaces the network facilities and makes the files accessible anytime and anywhere.

Knowledge Base enables publishing of files for selected user groups who can confirm that they have become acquainted with the document concerned.


Address Book

You can use global Address Book to make your company’s contact information available to all users within your organisation. Users can share and synchronize a full list of contacts using .csv file.

Address Book is a perfect solution for dispersed environments and organisations comprised of numerous companies.


Chat communicator

Internal chat is a safe and fast method for quick exchang of information within your company. Chat enables simultaneous communication with numerous users and the transfer of files. It significantly limits and eliminates redundant e-mail communication among employees.

Currently, we are working on integrating the internal Chat functionality with mobile devices.


Useful shortcuts
in one place

Intranet is also a central place where you can store shortcuts to all important web resources. Intranet provides a single starting point to access internal and external resources across the company.

It’s right time to stop your company’s resources becoming an unmanageable mess!

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