Innovative and robust Workflow management system

Experience the most innovative, module-based platform for business process management.

Manage workflow in your office

The most innovative and robust software on the market, deploying the potential of integration with office hardware. User-friendly solution to submit forms, manage tasks and track work progress within your entire company.

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We have increased sales potential by joining all companies in one Baseline™ (...)
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Circulation of production documents has been completely automated (...)
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Copernicus Group
Copernicus Group
We successfully arranged the documents flow across the Copernicus Group (...)
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  • electronic registry of incoming letters
  • QR code stickers
  • support for document capturing devices
  • contractor data import from GUS database
  • correspondence tickets handling
  • built-in robust OCR & full-text search
  • confidential documents support
  • simultaneous scanning of multiple documents

  • electronic registry of invoices
  • vat payers validation
  • built-in, robust and multilanguage OCR
  • cost centers and projects booking
  • quick acceptances on mobile devices
  • e-mail invoices registration
  • bank payments integration
  • export to many accounting systems

  • electronic registry of outgoing letters and shipments
  • integration with e-Nadawca service (Polish Post Office)
  • courier services support
  • QR code stickers
  • outgoing documents capturing
  • support for bulk invoice shipping

  • built-in document templates wizard (letters, forms, offers, orders)
  • built-in workflow temaplte wizard (drag & drop)
  • generate documents based on templates (.pdf or .docx)
  • design your own print templates
  • create notification schemes & templates

  • both-side integration with accounting systems
  • export invoices to SAP, NAV, Optima, Symfonia, Subiekt GT, Wapro and other
  • close integration with other modules like budget or contracts
  • integration with GUS database
  • integration with VAT payers database
  • integration with bank
  • built-in e-mail inbox support

  • library of built-in reports
  • built-in custom reports and charts designer
  • task deadline notifications
  • task tracking on calendar
  • customizable user dashboards
  • export to Excel support

Most effective device-based solutions

We provide miscellanous web and hardware-based solutions that help your business become more efficient and optimized.

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Mobile apps

Accept and manage your workflow tasks right from your Android or iOS device. Check this out and take action from anywhere.

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Data security

Security is one of our key driving principles thus Baseline solutions meet rigorous data security standards. We are the first company that earned “Data Protected” certificate.

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We provide solutions with professional consulting and support services

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