E-mail plug-in

It enables export of e-mails directly to Baseline™ from popular e-mail clients, such as: MS Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird.

Exported e-mails are automatically matched with contacts recorded in the system.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

This mechanism is most commonly used at invoice registration stage, when it automatically reads financial data from a document image. OCR substantially speeds up the invoice registration process and eliminates errors that can be made during manual data entering.

OCR enables searching of any document stored in the system on the basis of key words in the text (Full-Text Search).


MS Office plug-in

A MS Office document can be blocked in Baseline™ and opened in MS Office application. When editing is finished, the new document version is sent directly to Baseline™ and unlocked for editing. Old versions of document are still accessible for users just for legacy purpose.

Our plug-in is compatible with MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint applications.


DAC (Document Access Control)

Enables protection of sensitive files so that an ordinary user is able to view it, but not to download or copy its contents. This plug-in enables direct viewing in the browser of more than 50 various file formats, including MS Office, MS Project, AutoCAD, etc.


Accounting system connector

Enables export of financial documents (cost and sales invoices) from Baseline™ to the accounting system and vice-versa. We offer connectors compatible with all the most popular accounting systems.

Examples of communication channels: SOAP, REST, FTP, FLAT FILE.


E-Nadawca plug-in

The connector to Elektroniczny Nadawca service offered by polish mailing services provider Poczta Polska, enables automatic registration and sending of shipments directly from the Baseline™ system. Address labels and other confirmation sheets are downloaded from E-Nadawca automatically.

Using a plug-in requires signing of the relevant contract with Poczta Polska.


Plugin Voip

Integrates the various PBX’s with Baseline™. Allows your agents to make and receive phone calls directly from Baseline™. System recognizes the person and displays the customer card upon a call. Plugin allows you to view the conversation log and listen to saved calls.

We are able to integrate with many VoIP service providers.



Used to sign documents and contracts that have legal force. A special web component integrated with a web browser which makes use of a qualified signature installed on the user’s computer.

The add-on is also used for mass signatures and is compatible with certificates issued by qualified suppliers: KiR, Certum, Cencert, EuroCert, PWPW.

Other modules