Global registry of
Service Requests

Central register of service requests (incidents) introduces advanced searching with the use of attributes describing the request, such as request date, requesting person, category, contents, or priority. Every authorised user can view the status of the reported problem and do some additional activities e.g. add comment or upload file.

Access to the registry is protected via advanced rights management mechanisms.


Service Request form

Requests are registered in Baseline™ either manually – by filling in a registration form, or automatically – through e-mail or www form. Each Service Request is assigned a unique Id number in global registry.

Service request form is fully customizable at the beginning of implementation.


Dealing with
Service Request Process

Registration of a request is only the beginning of the process. During implementation, a special service path is customized to match the actual needs of the organization. For instance, category of the request may determine a separate path for request processing.

At every stage of request processing, the user may be notified of each new status change during the Request processing stage.


of service inspection dates

You can manage warranty or post-warranty service inspection dates using Baseline™. Baseline™ notifies pre-defined persons well in advance of the need to perform overhaul/service inspection or send information.

Reminders are generated in pre-defined periods and delivered via e-mail, text message, or other available communication channels.


Service statistics
on demand

Baseline™ offers a large library of built-in reports for monitoring service statistics, such as: number of service requests registered per month, request status statistics, or outstanding requests. Statistics can be viewed in the form of reports, data presentations or charts/diagrams.

Baseline™ also enables creation of own data presentations and reports.

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