Electronic registry of vehicles

Baseline™ informs about the ending dates of insurance, registration inspections and warranty services, minimizing the risk of exceeding them. Automating vehicle management processes reduces the amount of administrative work and protects the company against unexpected costs.


Vehicle summary card

The vehicle summary card collects all information about the vehicles and builds their complete history. Each vehicle is described with dedicated attributes, such as the date of registration, form of financing, the user, and even the place where the tires are stored.

In turn, the vehicle insurance card stores detailed information about its conditions and allows you to track changes in offers over time.


Vehicle documents and invoices

The Vehicles module is integrated with other modules of the Baseline™ system, thanks to which it can be connected, for example, with the already operating document flow. Such a statement allows you to assign incoming letters, orders, contracts, service reports and invoices for fuel, service or leasing to vehicles.

Baseline™ also offers the possibility of building a dedicated process to handle damages resulting from road incidents.


Vehicle booking management

The Vehicles module streamlines the process of verifying shared vehicles in terms of their availability and makes it possible to make reservations. A chronological list of bookings allows you to determine who was responsible for the car in a given period, which may be useful in the event of a road incident.


Statistics and summary reports

Baseline™ provides information on the level of utility of shared vehicles, the number of days spent in the service and the costs of their use. Statistics generated in real time allow you to make optimal decisions about the sale of the current vehicle or the purchase of a new vehicle. Baseline™ also allows you to prepare dedicated reports according to your own parameters.

Other modules