Budgeting in Baseline™


Budgeting is one of the most important parts of an effective management of the enterprise. Any company planning or expenditure forecast sale implicitly involved in the budgeting process. The problem is that in the market there are many tools that are able to fully automate the management of budgetfrom planning
, through its implementation and ending with the appropriate control. Studies show that 80% of companies assisted in the field of reporting, which supports only the area planning without items such as versioning, approval, control or reporting.

What’s on offer in this regard Baseline™?
In a word, everything that you need the company to efficiently manage the budget. Starting with simple solutions, and ending with the advanced planning by cost centers and the hierarchy of the company. Budgeting module is integrated into the circulation cost invoices and sales module so that the budget control and monitoring are performed in real time.

The basic functionality which supports the budgeting module:

1. Budgeting for departments (both costs and sales)
2. Support for partial budgets (hierarchical)
3. The acceptance of the budgets
4. Revision support
5. Specifying an budgets
6. The implementation of the budget (costs/income net plan)
7. Ensure the expenditure on the requisition stage
8. Integration with MS Excel
9. Reporting and analytics

See a detailed description of the module’s Budget.

Zarządzanie budżetem w Baseline™