Document archiving, box and file folder management


While the management of documents in Baseline ™ is not new, the management of paper documents is new. We have prepared a dedicated tool that enables efficient registration of boxes and binders used for archiving company documents. How does it work?

  • By means of the Baseline ™ mobile application, the user archives the boxes, and the documentation in them;
  • Each document in the system from now on has information on which box and binder it is stored;
  • Such archived boxes can be physically stored in the company or put into storage for external Archive;
  • To forward boxes to an external Archive, scan selected boxes and confirm the location with the mobile application. All documents that are in these boxes change the location in the system to the Archive;
  • To order originals of documents, you can use the Basket of orders. The Baseline ™ system will send an appropriate request to the Archive operator;
  • To receive documents from the Archive, you need to scan them with the mobile application and confirm the change of location;

With the help of Baseline ™, you can effectively manage the location of paper documents also as part of the transfer between various units, such as the headquarters.

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