Special offer “Remote support”


Dear Sir or Madam,

Bearing in mind the current situation, the Baseline company meets the needs of offering its clients free, temporary opportunity to extend their existing Baseline™ system with additional licensed components. Selected additions significantly improve remote work, but also affect overall improvement of the information flow throughout the company. Additional Modules, Components or the number of User licenses can be made available to the end of the second quarter of 2020 free of charge, with the possibility of extension for subsequent periods in the event of a prolonged current epidemiological situation. If you would like to use additional software functions, please contact our sales representatives or report the needs on the Customer Portal. Each application will be considered individually.

Below is a brief description of some modules and components that can improve the functioning of your business. The following modules do not require personalization, therefore their activation does not involve additional costs. Other software components usually require individual customization, which will affect the cost of making them available.

Below is a short list of functionalities with which the Baseline™ system supports remote work:

1. Intranet:

a. KNOWLEDGE BASE – thanks to this functionality, we gain a central place to store and publish company documents, e.g. (policies, procedures, instructions, templates, templates, ordinances, etc.). You can also link to other network resources.
b. INTERNAL CHAT – fast and dynamic individual communication between employees with the possibility of sending text, files, views in a secure way controlled by the Company. Chat history is available to all users.
c. ANNOUNCEMENT BOARDS – group communication carried out in an organized way. Boards can be designed for both the entire company and dedicated closed groups. There is a possibility of threading posts, adding photos or files and publishing ads, e.g. (tables for departments with specific cases, buy / sell ads, ordering items, managerial offers, description of work improvement proposals for each position, etc.). Notice boards successfully replace the e-mail channel in the field of company-employee communication.

2. Tasks:

a. Support for managers and employees in the area of ​​allocation, implementation, control of progress and deadlines in assigning to individual persons, projects, activities, documents or other tasks
b. Each task can be composed of smaller subtasks assigned to different people in a team.
c. You can easily add a comment to the task or attach an important file. The relevant people will be notified.
d. Tasks module logs and displays all important events on the timeline, it can also record each user’s work time separately for the task.

3. Mobile application:

a. Quick access to information by installing on a smartphone or tablet (we support iOS and Android).
b. A database of contractors literally “in your pocket”.
c. Access to the calendar with the option of interacting.
d. Notifications about assigned tasks, events, activities or pending documents.
e. Registration of events assigned to contractor’s files.
f. Improvement of the notes registration management system.
g. Rapid and convenient acceptance of applications with the ability to view documents and circulation history.
h. Easy access to the repository of all digital documents.