New features in January 2019


In January 2019 daylight has seen a new version of the 8.8.0 system, and with it many interesting features and solutions.
The most important changes to the current version of Baseline ™ are described below.


Nowe funkcje programu:
Debt collection process and aging of receivables
We have developed a universal Debt Collection Process that automatically initiates debt collection activities depending on detected delays in invoice payments. In addition, the “Receivables aging” view has been made available on the side panel in the Invoices module. This view cooperates with the debt collection process and illustrates the current state of customer debt broken down into weekly payment periods and presents the statistics of late payments.
Improvements in the area of editing Workflow templates

In the new version, we have improved a number of tools necessary to define workflow processes. Here are some of them:

– Added ability to edit the Workflow schema from the level of a specific Action;
– Added the ability to expand the workflow template entry from the template list;
– It has been possible to limit the transfer of Actions in a given Workflow step to only one recipient;
– Edition of SQL queries on the workflow template template and report parameter will trigger the SQL editor window without additional clicking;
Improvements in the edit area of Document templates

In the new version, we have improved a number of tools necessary to define document templates. Here are some of them:

– Added the ability to expand the Document template item from the template list;
– Added the ability to control the number of suggested items on the autocomplete field;
– The user can add a new Document from a different element without having to select a specific template in the add menu;
Downloading data on foreign entities from the European VIES database
To add an entity registered in PL, users can use the Central Statistical Office database. From now on, they can also automatically download some data on non-PL entities based in the EU. To this end, we have expanded the mechanism of collecting data about entities for integration with an additional VIES database.
Support for archiving Boxes and Documents
While the management of documents in Baseline ™ is not new, the management of paper documents is new. We have prepared a dedicated tool that enables efficient registration of boxes and binders used for archiving company documents. See how it works .
Bank orders in Swift format (MT103)
We have expanded the capabilities of Baseline ™ to the ability to generate international transfers for non-IBAN accounts in the MT103 (Swift) standard. For this purpose, it is required to complete the Swift code for the beneficiary’s bank account.
Track courier shipments from Baseline™
Extremely useful feature that allows you to track courier shipments from the Baseline ™ system without the need for advanced integration with an external parcel registration system. For this purpose, only the tracking number should be entered into the system, and the tracking link will automatically appear for couriers who provide such a possibility from the www level.
e-Folder – new version
Due to the changes that came into force on January 1, 2019, we completely changed the philosophy of e-Teczki kadadrowa. The system has received a new version and new opportunities, and above all has been adapted to the changes in KP. See more details and check what the new e-Folder looks like:
Increased file security
We have introduced an additional security that warns the user when the file he wants to download or preview has been swapped on the server, and his Md5 checksum does not coincide with the one saved in the database.
Task Wizard in the Project
Assuming a new project, users can use the new task creation wizard in the Project. The wizard allows you to build a two-level hierarchy of tasks and significantly accelerates and facilitates the allocation of tasks to Project participants.
Registration of invoices in .xml format
The Ministry of Finance is currently working on amendments to the Act related to the distribution of invoices in the ordinary course of trade. The Baseline ™ system is ready to support the process of registering the cost invoices delivered by e-mail in the xml format. At the moment, you can create your own interpreters of the invoice file format, and in the future, when a uniform standard is created, it will be adapted as a standard.
Generation of Bank orders for selected invoices
Until recently, the Baseline ™ system created a set of Orders for the bank for all invoices in the status of Pending. At the moment, it is possible to indicate on the list only those invoices for which we want to explicitly make a transfer.
Changes in the web user interface
We’ve made changes to make it easier to view the displayed system lists. Each element’s status is assigned the correct color, thanks to which users can easily distinguish records by faster navigating in the system. In addition, we have changed the style of displaying boxes with the type checkbox.
Simplified registration of the payroll
In the new version of the system, we have simplified the process of adding payrolls. From now on, to register a list of wages, tax and ZUS, you only need to fill in one form instead of three.
Creating a Shipment on behalf of the Contractor
Often there is a need to give the Shipment to the recipient on behalf of another contractor. For this reason, we have added an additional field to the Contractor on the form creating the Shipment indicating the entity to which the correspondence relates. The correspondence search engine has been adapted to search in a new field.
Other improvements

Here are some of them:

– Linking of closed elements has been unlocked;
– Filtering the list of Actions in the Mobile Application with the following values: Assigned to me and All;
– Existing group members’ notifications will be deleted when another user closes the Activity;
– Information for the Administrator about the date of the last report launch has been added. The ability to edit the SQL Procedure from the Report’s details header has been added.
– Added ability to filter Products Projects;
– The form of the system version history view has been changed;
– An issue with hanging js scripts in the Chrome browser has been resolved;
– The counters on the side panel have been unified with the number of displayed records in the list;
– Added ability to assign permissions to the item from the detail view level;