MS Office integration


Baseline™ has been enlarged with another, a very useful functionality with the work distributed on the files. Integration with the popular MS Office package raises security and streamlines the management of document versions.

1. first of all, users can view Word files, Excel, Power Point, Visio in your browser without having to save the document to disk. The system is capable of displaying about 50 + different file formats.

2. After you install an add-in in MS Office menu appears Baseline ™, which allows you to save the next version of the edited file directly into the system without having to manually copy the attachment. You can download the file for editing and thus lock it in for other participants. When you save a new version of lock is released.

3. Baseline ™ automatically makes sure versioning documents and prevents you from overwriting the changes in the document by different people. To each saved version you can add a comment.

4. Attachments you can mark as “blocked for download”. This option prevents you from downloading the file to your computer, as well as block print by people not having permission to do so. Only the author and the person with the highest permissions can download a document.

5. the documents placed in the repository (Knowledge Base), you can publish to the audiences. Each version of the document (for example) you can publish for approval or by users with simultaneous control of these approvals. Since then, the documents can be implemented effectively in your organization while maintaining the current formal approval process.

6. Plugin for Outlook allows you to bulk export e-mail and contacts to the Baseline™.

See a detailed description of other Baseline™ add-ons.