New features in September 2020


In September 2020 daylight has seen a new version of the 10.0.0 system, and with it many interesting features and solutions.
The most important changes to the current version of Baseline™ are described below.


New features:
Support for Invoice codes for JPK V7 file has been added
On October 1, 2020, JPK_V7, the new model of the Standard Audit File, came into force. Entrepreneurs are required to mark certain goods and services, transactions and evidence of sale and purchase with special codes. In the Baseline™ system, the user can indicate the selected codes when issuing a sales invoice and registering a cost invoice.

Integration with e-KRS
Baseline™ has been integrated with the service, which enables the content of electronic KRS documents to be downloaded and stored directly under the contractor under the change mode. It is useful, for example, in order to quickly verify the persons authorized to represent the company and sign the contract documents.

Integration with
We have integrated the platform for secure online document signing with a qualified certificate or the so-called unqualified signature. The Autenti platform enables the conclusion of any B2B and B2C contracts in a safe and convenient way without the need to send documents by e-mail. The document is sent directly from Baseline™ and, once signed, is downloaded back to the same location. Using the Autenti plug-in requires the purchase of a separate add-on for Baseline™.

Import of Invoice items from Excel
The form for issuing a sales invoice has been extended with the possibility of importing invoice items directly from Excel or another tabular source using the copy-paste method. The functionality automates cases when we want to issue an invoice with a ready spreadsheet with filled values.

Generating documents based on Word and Excel templates
We have added a mechanism that allows you to download an Excel or Word file from the template database, replace selected values in the content of the file, and then save it under a given object in the system. It is a useful in practice function that automates the processes related to generating documents for MS Office formats.

Manual versioning of pdf and other files
We have added the option of manual versioning of files of other formats for owners of the Ms Office plugin. Until now, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files could be versioned using a special Baseline™ plug-in. We have extended this possibility with other file formats, with the difference that versioning will be performed manually by uploading a new file version.

Generation of bank orders in the SEPA format
We have added support for the generation of foreign bank orders to the SEPA format. The SEPA format is a European standard in EUR, which is characterized by relatively low fees for a single transfer compared to other formats, eg SWIFT.

Forecast of future expenses
Doskonałe narzędzie dla firm, które chcą monitorować prognozę przyszłych wydatków za faktury kosztowe, które zostały wprowadzone do systemu Baseline™. Widok prezentuje sumaryczne kwoty przyszłych oraz zaległych obciążeń bazując na okresach tygodniowych. Widok ten jest wzorowany na istniejącej prognozie należności, która dotyczy faktur przychodowych.

Improvements in the Documents module
We have implemented the option of systematic allocation of the Document to Cost Centers and Projects. We have also added the option of encrypting the generated pdf printouts with your own password, thus increasing the security of data sent e.g. by e-mail.

Improvements in the Invoices module
We have implemented the ability to select a product on the sales and cost invoice items using a popup product search engine. We have added the option to calculate the net amount from the gross amount of the sales invoice item. We have added support for a new BookingMode in which invoice booking is calculated based on the total remaining amount for Centers and Projects. We have added an additional record that sums up all the values in the summary of the Cost and Sales Invoices list.

Dynamic report filters
Report filters can now refer to each other based on the parameters of the SQL query. Such a mechanism increases ergonomics and reporting possibilities. By selecting an item on the first filter, the user will automatically receive a narrow selection list on the following filters.

Estimated timesheet in Projects
We have added the option of entering the planned working time directly at the project level, and not only on tasks under the project, as so far. The working time indicated on the project is superior to the time specified on individual tasks. It is included in the project summary in comparison with the completed time.

Many other improvements
In 2020, we implemented hundreds of smaller fixes and improvements, which are detailed in our changelog available at This information has been grouped in the context of individual system versions.