Zobacz co nowego w czerwcu 2022


In June 2022 daylight has seen a new version of the 10.10.0 system, and with it many interesting features and solutions.
The most important changes to the current version of Baseline™ are described below.


Nowe funkcje programu:
Integration with CRBR
The CRBR register has been made available free of charge, which means that you can easily verify who is the real beneficiary of the selected contractor directly from the detail tab. For some industries, the verification of entities in the CRBR is part of the AML procedure.

Bulk attachment export
The attachment export mechanism automates processes that require access to archived documents from outside the Baseline document workflow system. Bulk export is an automatic activity in the background.

Implementation of OAuth2.0
OAuth2.0 is considered one of the most secure email authentication methods. Some e-mail providers such as Google and Microsoft are deviating from the standard methods of logging in to e-mail by external applications, making them more secure.

Improvements in the area of documents
Many useful functions have been added, incl.
a) possibility to indicate an e-mail server for e-mail sent from under a given document template
b) the ability to preview the process diagram from the workflow diagram level
c) the possibility of automatic transition to the first step of the process right after creating the document
d) the possibility of granting authorizations to a specific document

LookupGrid – new field type for dokument
Support for the so-called LookupGrid, i.e. the ability to select a report / search engine for a given field on the document. Users will be able to search resources using multiple filter fields at the same time.

Multi=domain user authentication
We have added authentication support to multiple LDAP servers simultaneously. This allows organizations with multiple domain controllers to integrate each domain controller with the Baseline ™ system to validate user credentials.

Edit company details from the Admin Panel
We have added the ability to create and edit companies in the system from the Admin Panel. Users with administrative privileges can update company parameters without the need to use the support option.
User groups assignment for projects
We have added the option of assigning a project to a group of users, which significantly makes the management and control process more flexible when we cannot indicate a specific person. As a result, the projects gained similar flexibility as, for example, tasks.

We have implemented the so-called Checklist displayed under various items in the system. Checklists are built dynamically and allow you to mark the progress of work on the implementation of a given activity or group of activities.

New entry mode for cost corrections
Until now, the system imposed adjustments to the so-called recording “value after correction”, which was not always reflected in the correction document. therefore we have added support for an alternative method of entering corrected invoices based on the so-called “Corrected data”. In practice, unfortunately, many of the corrections do not include the “post-correction” section.

Delivery report in E-nadawca
So far, the delivery report has been downloaded from the external service of Poczta Polska. Currently, when a shipment is picked up or returned to the sender, the system automatically downloads the Shipment Report from the E-sender service. The report will be available as standard in the preview menu on the shipment details. The new report is permanently stored in the system as well as contains additional information that was not available in its previous version.

Individual reminders
We have added for each user the ability to set an individual reminder for the current item such as Task, Project, Deal or Action. The user can indicate any date and time of the reminder, which is sent by default in the form of e-mail and pop-up.

Other enhancements
We have added many useful improvements in various areas of system operation:
a) generation of bank orders based on the payment date
b) the ability to save the original incoming e-mail in the .eml format
c) the possibility of posting payrolls into projects
d) the possibility of calculating the net amount from the gross amount of the sales invoice item
e) logging of failed authorization requests when the number of concurrent licenses is exceeded
f) the ability to create templates for Sales Invoices from the level of the issued Invoice
g) a new filter on the list of exports that allows you to search for individual invoices
h) on the form for adding Calendar Events, a marker has appeared informing that the resource was used on the indicated date
i) handling the Electronic Confirmation of Receipt (EPO) for e-Sender shipments
j) the ability to print any text under the QR code
k) a new parameter that allows access to Invoices to the Cost / Revenue Center maintainers

Changelog systemu
In 2022, we implemented hundreds of smaller fixes and improvements, which are detailed in our changelog available at This information has been grouped in the context of individual system versions.