What’s new in December 2014


In the Christmas’ issue of the newsletter we have prepared a summary information regarding the latest features of Baseline™ scheduled for December 2014 release 5.1.0.


New features:
Baseline™ has been enriched with another important function in the module to the Secretariat. The OCR module automatically reads the data from the invoices (amounts, dates, etc.), and then saves the document in the system without having to manually input. There is also the possibility of automatic conversion of invoices with a dedicated email box.
Internal chat
Development of Intranet module takes at best. Internal Messenger is a guarantee of an express exchange of information in the company and the highest level of security for data transmission. Chat also allows you to attach files and screenshots of Baseline™.
Mobile geo surveys
The functionality of the survey allows you to create your own templates and replenishment of their mobile applications for example. at the point of sale. Thanks geolocation, it is possible to map the route on the Google map, in the order in which they were created and reports surveys.
Contract management
The new module is used to organize contracts with clients, partners and suppliers. It’s also the ability to create new contracts as part of a specially designed circuit information. OCR full-text catalog allows you to search for scans of contracts after the words-keys in the text box, and system notifications are a reminder of the need to extend the expiring contracts.
Case handling
The writings of incoming and outgoing can be appended to. Cases described more broadly in Instructions stipulated registry Regulation for the Prime Minister. The case helps organize topics carried out in the company in the context of graph documents and writings.
New dashboard widgets
New widgets to place on watchmouse.wdgt: Widget Logged work time allows quick access to tasks and projects in which logowaliśmy last time. In turn, my actions and my cases allow you to quickly access assigned items from the dashboard.
Wholesale assignments
The new feature enables you to wholesale rewriting of elements from one user to another for example. the situation changes or the departure of the employee from the company. The system administrator can change the assignment for the area of tasks, Projects, Deals, contractors, cases, Activities, meetings, and permissions.
Projects’ costs
Today we can easily work out the costs and revenues in the project based on the financial documents. Now we’ve added the ability to assign rates to workers in the framework of the projects, so that the profit and loss account in the project will take into account the cost of work visualized on graphical chart.
Storage management
In order to optimize storage management we have added the ability to preview statistics taken place. Busy chart allows you to select the users and the system areas that generate the most data and attachments.