What’s new in May 2015


In the May’s issue of the newsletter we have prepared a summary information regarding the latest features of Baseline™ scheduled for March 2015 release 6.0.0.


New features:
Version 6.0 was released under the sign of communication. We have implemented to offer the new Intranet module consisting of boards, internal chat, knowledge base, address book and other items significantly improve communication in your organization.
Internat chat
Introducing the new internal messaging built into the Baseline ™. This warranty, express exchange of information in the company and the highest level of security for data transmission. In addition, the chat allows you to attach files and screenshots of Baseline ™. Like this was, but it’s something completely new.
Introducing the new panel for the exchange of information and the publication of notices in the form of corporate content and attachments.Bulletin boards work with the Notifications so that new entries are distributed to customers in real time.
Electronic receipt of documents
We launched an innovative method of confirmation of posting and removal of paper documents from and to the Office.Simply by using a mobile application Baseline ™ scan a barcode on each document to the information about delivery/drop-off was in the right place.
Project Timesheet
Baseline ™ has been enhanced with a set of useful reports clearing working time in projects and timesheet employees. Reports also allow you to project accounting for recurring or support services based on the so-called. hour packages. Reminders for users who are not logged work time to help maintain control in the area of human resources management.
GUS database integration
Due to the change in the formula we have integrated Baseline ™ with the new platform. In contrast to the previous version of your site, the new platform enables you to search for entities without entering a captcha with each request to retrieve the data on the subject.
System versions log
Baseline ™ has been enlarged with the changelog, or history of the implemented version along with information about new features, changes and bug fixes that are included in different releases of the software.
New features of mobile app
The mobile application was developed with two new sections: knowledge base and address book. We believe that this will allow significantly faster mobile workers to obtain the necessary information or establish faster. In addition, we have eliminated the need to install an external program for Android to support QR codes.
Avatars cropping tool
We have released a brand new interface for creating avatars users, with the help of which you can easily crop the undersized photos by obtaining excellent results.