New features in January 2017


January is the time we summarize last year of innovations. We are pleased to announce that we have managed to complete 100% of the established software development plan for the year 2016.


Nowe funkcje programu:
Brand new, electronic platform for mutual communication of B2B and B2C. This access panel, in which the partners and recipients can verify the balance, download an invoice, submit a claim or make an order. Extranet Baseline ™ is a modern, electronic customer service.
New homepage
The implementation of a new homepage opens another chapter in the development of the Baseline. New service shows how Baseline has evolved as a company, supplier and partner. Over the past few years, expertly team, we have expanded our portfolio of services and products.
Multilanguage support
To meet the expectations of our customers, we have made a number of changes in the main engine Baseline ™ to fully support multilingual user interface level and system dictionaries, documents and reports. Implementation of additional languages requires only translations by position in the table key words.
New mobile app for Android
Brand new mobile application for Android. We focused mainly on the readability and the ergonomics of usage. We have implemented a number of extra features, among others, better integration with the phone, call logging, logging route, powerful filtering. In the next installment of an application will be made available to the functionality of the on-line chat and iOS version.
New module – Budgeting
Baseline ™ has introduced the possibility of convenient planning budgets, both broken down on costs and revenues. Budgeting is implemented in two dimensions: units (departments) and the type of expense/revenue. The budget is fully integrated with invoices and ledger account plan, which is stored in the Baseline ™. This means that the report of the implementation of the budget is available from stock for all posted costs/revenues.
Visual workflow creator
Baseline ™ has been enriched with a built-in Wizard for creating workflows.Simple, fast and fun way to create your own paths processes, conditions and transitions between stages. Path Wizard doesn’t require additional, specific skills from the user.
Invoice templates
The new functionality of the dedicated for customers showcasing large amounts of sales invoices. Create templates for invoices is a simple operation similar to issue regular invoices. Properly programmed machine checks every day whether there is a need to issue a new invoice for the customer. After the issue of that person receives an e-mail notification with a list of generated invoices, acceptance of which they can be sent to customers by email.
Business trips reconciliation
Baseline system ™ implements full support for business trips (domestic and foreign) starting from the submission of travel, by accepting the terms and costs, and ending with the total bill the day of departure. The corresponding algorithm calculates the amount of kilometrówek, calculates the diet and national and collective summary. Moreover, delegations may be requested and cleared by the same employees-in this variant of the HR department only validates billing.
Integration with
Communication module Baseline ™ and an extranet have been extended with the ability to send single or bulk sms notifications to the users of the system through the platform The integration also allows you to send personalized messages ECO or FULL to customers located in the CRM.