New features in September 2017


In September 2017 daylight has seen a new version of the 7.12.0 system, and with it many interesting features and solutions.
The most important changes to the current version of Baseline ™ are described below.

Task planner
A new tool in the Tasks module allows you to schedule your work schedule week after week. Planner works perfectly in IT environments where there is a great variety and variability of tasks over a given time period. Task Scheduler allows you to schedule activities for your team members.

Pipeline – a convenient way to manage your sales
We have introduced a new view of the sales funnel that facilitates the management of the Deals database. Details view of each Deal has also been expanded with a chronological list of events. The new Pipeline view has also been used for presentations of tasks and projects.

Mass e-mailing of sales invoices
By launching the sales invoice generator in 2017, we have not forgotten the importance of mass mailing electronic invoices. From now on, the entire process of issuing and distributing invoices is fully automated.

Advance invoices
We have expanded the mechanism of issuing invoices for another type – advance invoice. A simple and convenient way to settle an invoice is simply to specify the advances when creating the final invoice.

Registration of cost invoices without QR Code
We have prepared an alternative to the standard mechanism for registering invoices without their prior marking with a QR code. The mechanism is used in conjunction with scanners with the option of splitting pages into separate files.

European VAT payers database integration
We integrated Baseline ™ with VIES, the European database of active VAT payers. Each registered cost invoice is subject to verification and, if the anomaly is detected, the system will alert the user to inconsistencies.

Extensive validation of European VAT ID numbers
We have expanded the verification algorithm for foreign entities to recognize and validate VAT IDs. Entities belonging to the European Union will be verified with a special algorithm dedicated to the country.

Integration with SMSAPI and PlusGsm Gateway
The Baseline ™ Communication Module has been extended to include more SMS service providers. At present we are integrated with the most popular pre-paid and post-paid platforms in Poland.

Recover login password
Especially for forgetfulness we have introduced a long awaited option to reset the login password. The password reset option is available as standard from the login page.