Posting and receiving of hard-copies


We have launched an innovative method of confirmation of posting and receiving of paper documents from and to the Office desk. Often it happens that the launch of Document workflow in the company does not resolve all problems with paper documentation.
Incoming letters and invoices must be received and forwarded to the archive or to the owner of the process, which forces the printing and signing on the receive-that is, the generation of the next paper.

If employee wants to pick up documents from the Office desk, he just uses for this purpose mobile application Baseline™, which has the function of barcode scanning. One click scans documents and approved receipt by which they are marked in the system as received by the employee with the current date.

Similarly, it functions in the case when a company has branches, and all documents must be sent by mail to the head office. Then the sender in the same way approves the dispatch of documents to the headquarters and signs her own login by using a mobile application Baseline™.