New features in August 2018


In August 2018 daylight has seen a new version of the 8.2.0 system, and with it many interesting features and solutions.
The most important changes to the current version of Baseline™ are described below.


Nowe funkcje programu:
Integration with VAT service
We have integrated the Ministry of Finance’s service consisting in verification of active VAT taxpayers. Each registration of the invoice automatically polls and saves in the system the result obtained (taxpayer status) together with the date of the inquiry.

„Split Payment” mechanism
We implemented a split payment mechanism that officially began operating in July in the current year. The user can decide which invoices will be paid by the “Split payment” mechanism, which in the current manner. The special mode allows you to execute all orders by default in the new split payment mode.

“Reverse Charge” mechanism
We have expanded the OCR mechanism in such a way that it automatically recognizes the so-called “Reverse charge”, i.e. the situation when the invoice cost is not shown in the invoice, because its settlement remains the responsibility of the buyer.

Improved SQL query editor and javascript expressions
Because SQL and javascript queries constitute a significant part of the system configuration, we have expanded the editor in such a way that the work in it becomes intuitive and pleasant without the need of using a native external editor. The editor was also equipped with the possibility of testing SQL queries based on P0-P4 parameters.

Quick preview of the meetings calendar
By indicating the date of the next contact under the Dealer, the user can immediately view the calendar view in a given period of time without having to open it in a separate card. This treatment significantly influenced the ergonomics of using CRM.

Preview the scan on the document editing form
A very awaited program function, thanks to which a quick preview of the scan is now available from the level of editing the document, and not only from the level of its creation. Editing a document for this reason becomes faster and more convenient.

Quick addition of a contractor if it does not exist in GUS
An entity that could not be found in the CSO database can be added without having to leave the form collecting data about entities from the Central Statistical Office. This is a great simplification when our clients are natural persons who do not have a record in the resources of the Central Statistical Office.

Cyclic synchronization of meetings with MS Outlook
We have expanded the MS Outlook plugin with an additional flag, thanks to which meetings and invitations processed in the MS Outlook e-mail are synchronized in real time to the Baseline ™ system. If we create a meeting in Outlook or receive an external invitation, we no longer have to worry about it being updated in Baseline™.

Import mechanism for language translations
An extremely useful mechanism for companies that use multilanguage. The system administrator can easily download the translation template, and then also easily upload the completed file, which will update the translation of the given language in the system.

Lead import from .csv
We have expanded the data import mechanism from the administration panel. From that moment you can also import Leads, which will be uploaded to a separate system registry.

Detailed history of changes on documents
Every change on the document is already automatically recorded in the change log. The extensive view of the change history view allows you to precisely indicate the user who has made specific entries on the document with the ability to view these changes as well as the changed content.

Support for the registration of letters using bar codes from the band
In certain situations, the use of QR code printers is impossible or simply unprofitable. In this case, we can use the new mechanism of marking barcodes with bar codes and scanning them directly into the system. This mechanism also works when scanning very large volumes of letters and invoices.