Intranet Baseline™ – better communication


Intranet was developed in order to better organisation of work and improve communication within the company. Intranet includes many tools for the exchange of information, ie:

Address book -is a global list of all the employees by the company and the departments. Employees can quickly get the contact information for individuals from their organization and learn about the currently assigned to the replacement in case of absence.

Knowledge Base -is a repository of content and files and company procedures managed from one place in the system. The layout of the folder structure makes it easy to manage access to content throughout your organization.

Boards -the panel for the exchange of information and the publication of notices in the form of corporate content and attachments. Boards shall cooperate with the Notifications so that new entries are distributed to customers in real time.

Internal Chat -is a classic chat, very useful for the rapid exchange of information and transfer files. Instant Messaging is based on SignalR technology, which allows you to talk in real time.

Your own shortcuts -the ability to place their own links to corporate resources. In one place, employees can access any shared resources in the company.

See a detailed description of Intranet.