Handling business trips in Baseline™


Business trips handling is always connected with mass of papers and lots of time had to be devoted to its settlement. The problem is intensified when the trip starts clearly grow, and people to help in the accounting does not arrive. In such cases, you may want to take advantage of professional tool.

What’s on offer in this regard Baseline™?
Baseline™ implements full support for handling of business trips from the submission of travel, by accepting the terms and costs, and ending with the total bill the day of departure. Complicated algorithm calculates the amount of kilometrówek, calculates the diet and national and collective summary. Moreover, business trip may be requested and cleared by the same employees-in this variant, the HR department only validates billing. This applies both to support the domestic and foreign business trips, that are much more complex in view of the need to take account of the time of crossing the border and settlements in foreign currencies.

Business trips are fully integrated with Document Workflow Management in terms of cost accounting.

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Obsługa delegacji w Baseline™