Information Security Policy Declaration

Baseline Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. (hereinafter the “Company”) ensures the protection of information assets at every stage of their processing. For that purpose the Information Security Management System has been implemented, with Information Security Policy forming a part of it, outlining the relevant operating principles and rules. Information Security Policy applies to all Company’s employees engaged under a contract of employment or other civil-law relationship.

Particularly important for Baseline are information assets encompassing information processed within the Company including the Clients’ data, human resources and ICT systems. The ICT system, comprising organisational, software and hardware resources, processes the majority of key information concerning the Company and its Clients. Integrity, confidentiality and availability of these data is of the highest priority.

Being aware of the adverse impact of various threats on proper functioning of the Information Security Management System for the Company’s Board of Directors, declares the commitment to continuously and the comprehensively address all issues concerning security of information. Therefore, in order to implement, maintain, and develop the Information Security Management System, the Board of Directors adopted a resolution to appoint a Representative for ISMS. The policies, principles and procedures, scope of powers and responsibilities laid down in the ISMS documentation apply to all of the Company’s employees and associates.