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In every company during development comes a moment when employees' business trips are becoming an everyday reality. This results in the increase of documents necessary for processing, the need to control the payment and settlement of advances, as well as the problem of maintaining the correct path of acceptance of the delegation. Let's try to answer the question how can we deal with this problem and can IT help us with this?


First of all, we will be sure that each delegation has been registered in the same way, in accordance with the rules adopted in the company. The entered document will be automatically assigned the signature, and access to it will be possible only for authorized users. Additionally, for each delegation we will be able to check its status, action in the process and the person or group that is currently dealing with this topic. What’s more, the employee’s supervisor will not have to check at what stage the application will be received because he will receive such notification straight from the system. In our offer there is also a mobile version of the application – thanks to this we will always have the information you need at hand, even if we are alone in a delegation, without access to a computer.

Finding a delegation in the Baseline ™ system is just a few seconds. In one place you will find all the information you need:
• date and time of departure,
• reason and optional indication of the client / project concerned by the trip,
• a list of all costs, bills, documents after the settlement of the delegation,
• acceptance path with information about persons participating in the document circulation process,
• final settlement and summary of the delegation.

When mentioning the benefits of keeping a register of delegations, one should not forget about the possibility of indicating a client or a project under which a particular business trip takes place. We often forget that in addition to the need to settle a delegation, as part of the activities undertaken by the accounting or HR, there is a second aspect of the trip – regarding cooperation with the client and knowledge about the costs and time that we devoted to him. It is worth binding the delegation service with the CRM system. As part of the contractor, we will receive information about all the delegations associated with it and we will be able to easily check the total cost of trips.

Obieg Delegacji

2) Business trip workflow

In most companies, a business trip is subject to the acceptance process – we then submit the so-called exit command. Usually this is done by e-mail, which at the beginning heralds trouble with later retrieving this information in the jungle of emails. A supervisor or manager who accepts such a trip often has no clear information about the purpose of the trip and the expected costs. Mail can easily be overlooked or forgotten. Confirmation in this case also takes place by e-mail – the information about the delegation is then only delegated and accepting. HR or Accounting, potentially interested in such information, are completely out of the information flow. The Baseline ™ system allows you to systematize the entire process. The posted employee fills out the appropriate form, which is sent for acceptance, and the accepting person is notified by any channel about the need to perform the action. By logging into the system, the acceptor can immediately see what the delegation is about, how long it will take and can verify the amount of potential travel expenses. Checking information in the system view is much easier than searching for data in emails of any content and format. After accepting the application, the employee receives an immediate notification of the decision.


3) Automatic reconcilliation

One of the problems that arise in the process of handling a delegation is the time-consuming nature of its settlement. According to the regulations in force when calculating the allowances, meals, transport by public transport and many other factors should be taken into account. In addition, the delegate should forward all settlements, invoices and vehicle mileage records to the employee responsible for the settlement. The loss of a document or a mistake in calculations with a larger scale of processes is inevitable – no one is infallible. The Baseline ™ system allows you to solve this problem – calculations follow automatically when the employee completes the appropriate form. In the case of foreign delegations, the system includes information on applicable diets and accommodation limits in individual countries, and integration with the NBP exchange rate table allows you to collect exchange rates and convert quotas into Polish zlotys.
Thanks to such functionalities, only the verification of data entered by the delegated person remains the person responsible for clearing the delegations. The case is also simplified when it comes to the accounting documents – complete scans of invoices and tickets can be attached directly to the billed delegation, and physical copies to be forwarded to the Office.

Wniosek Delegacji

4) Will the employee also have an advantage in this?

The implementation of new IT systems in companies often faces resistance from employees. The reluctance to change is natural, which is why it is worth presenting to the employees the benefits of the implemented solution. In the case of electronic circulation of delegations, such benefits for the posted person are tangible. Acceleration of the application and settlement process allows for advance payment of advances and diets as well as reimbursement of costs. The employee also receives clear information about whether the delegation and its settlement have been accepted.
In addition to the delegated employee, the process of circulation of delegations facilitates the work of the Accounting accounting for the trip by generating settlement documents (eg record of the vehicle’s mileage) in pdf.

5) Summary

The system supporting delegation service will save our time and introduce an element of additional control and automation of the entire process settlement. We will gain full knowledge of each stage of it. The connection with the CRM system will allow you to control expenses as part of trips to customers, and an electronic search engine will allow instant access to information on any business trip.

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